Tripple Brook Farm

TBF Tree Digging Equipment

TBF Tree Digging Equipment

The patented Tripple Brook Farm Tree Digging System offers a better way to transplant trees and shrubs.

Shipping charges are based on delivery via UPS Ground Service.

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TBF Root Cutter

Reaches under the root ball to cut roots and to shape the lower portion of the root ball where a spade can't reach. Ships for $8.95 by UPS Ground Service to any address in the contiguous 48 states.

cat # TDSC
$137.99 each

TBF Tree Lifter

A sturdy, easily handled unit that provides a powerful mechanical advantage to lift heavy root balls.

cat # TDSL
$665.50 each

TBF Root Ball Grappling Forks

Provide a simple, effective way to secure the root ball so that it can be lifted. Set of four Grappling Forks.

cat # TDSF4
$595.50 each

Complete Professional Set of TBF Tree Digging Equipment

Includes Root Cutter, Tree Lifter, and four Grappling Forks - Save $85.00 over cost of separate components!

cat # TDSS
$1295.50 each