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We currently offer about 500 species of plants for sale, with a focus on native plants, as well as bamboos and other hardy exotics. We are also pround to sell our own patented Tree Digging System, an ideal alternative to a more costly tree spade. Finally, we offer several types of artwork and gifts.


Worldwide, there are over 1500 species of bamboos. Bamboos are among the most useful of all plants. In addition to being ornamental, their dense root systems make them good for erosion control. The larger species make excellent privacy screens, windbreaks, or noise barriers. The smaller species are good as ground covers. Bamboos are also good as pot or tub blants, indoors or outdoors.

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Many of the plants we list are natives (meaning, for our purposes, native to some portion of Eastern and Central North America, east of the Rockies.) There are certainly multitudes of exotic plants which can enrich our gardens and lives, and we do offer many exotices for sale. We feel, however, that there is much to be said for getting to know and cultivate the plants native to our region. Native plants are available in a great range of sizes, shapes, appearances, flower color and time, fragrances, and other characteristics.

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