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We are a small nursery, and operate largely by mail-order. Consequently, we do not maintain regular business hours (although we are almost always here and working). Also, when orders must be packed for shipping it can be difficult to find someone free to assist visitors. We do, however, welcome visitors to the nursery. For the reasons mentioned above, it is always safest to call ahead before visiting, especially if you have to drive a distance to get here. If you are in the area and wish to stop by unannounced, you are welcome to do so (but there may not be anyone available to assist you). During busy periods (April through about the end of June), Monday through Thursday may be largely taken up with packing orders to ship. At such times, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are often the days when we have the most time available to devote to visitors.

Tripple Brook Farm is located in the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts, a few miles from the intersection of Interstate Route 90 (Mass. Turnpike) and Interstate Route 91. We are 6.4 miles, or about 15 minutes, from exit 15 of Route 91.