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The small running bamboos present a great range of sizes, appearances, and uses. Of the species we offer, the mature height can range from a few inches up to about 20’. Leaf size varies from the tiny leaves of Pleioblastus distichus ‘Mini’ (dwarf fernleaf bamboo) at about 2” long x Ό” wide to the huge leaves of Indocalamus tessellatus which can reach 26” long x 5” wide. A number of species feature attractive leaf variegation in pleasing combinations of green and white or yellow. Many of the lower kinds are useful as ground covers. Larger species in this group can be useful as hedges or screens. The small running bamboos are mostly quite tolerant of even fairly heavy shade, but they will also grow well in full sun.

Arundinaria - Canebrake bamboo – the only U.S. native bamboos, 6’ to 20’ tall.

Hibanobambusa - Relatively tall, upright selection with striking green and white leaf variegation.

Indocalamus - Large- to very large leaved bamboos ranging up to as much as 8’ tall at maturity.

Pleioblastus - About 12 kinds from which to choose, mostly 2’ to 10’ in mature height, including at least 6 selections with variegated leaves.

Pseudosasa - Arrow and green onion bamboos – among the best kinds for growing in containers.

Sasa - Large-leaved bamboos ranging in mature size up to as much as 10’ tall.

Sasaella - Ranging from 2’ to 6’ in height at maturity – includes a handsome variegated selection.

Shibataea - Distinctively unusual looking bamboos with relatively broad, short leaves.

Not sure where to start? Our bamboo selection guides offer useful information about height, cold hardiness, and other qualities about the bamboos we offer.

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