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Choose from the following to help you in browsing our selection of over 60 kinds of bamboo:

Small Running Bamboos - (vigorous spreaders; mostly 20' tall or less)
Large Running Bamboos - (vigorous spreaders; mostly over 20' tall)
Clumping Bamboos - (remaining in a tight clump; mostly 10-20' tall)

Not sure where to start? Our bamboo selection guides offer useful information about height, cold hardiness, and other qualities about the bamboos we offer.

Bamboo guide sorted by cold hardiness
Bamboo guide sorted by maximum height

Bamboos are among the most beautiful and useful of plants. Larger bamboo species make excellent privacy screens, wind-breaks, or noise barriers; most also yield edible shoots. Smaller bamboos are useful as ground covers. Bamboos can also serve well as container plants. The canes, or "culms", are used for everything from garden stakes to flooring, furniture, building construction, fabrics, paper making and many other uses. For a general introduction to bamboos and their cultivation, you may wish to read the following article: Intoduction to Bamboos

We offer bamboos in a range of UPS shippable sizes. We can also supply many species in larger sizes. Please contact us if you are interested in larger plants. Also, we offer wholesale pricing to the horticultural trade and quantity discounts for larger retail orders please inquire. For questions, or to place orders, you are welcome to call us at (413) 527-4626. We are normally available from 10 AM to 10 PM, any day of the week.