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Large running bamboos form the classic bamboo groves through which one can walk as the foliage rustles overhead in the breeze. They also yield edible shoots as well as bamboo poles useful for a multitude of purposes. These species can serve as excellent privacy screens as well as wind breaks and even noise barriers.

Includes the largest, and many of the most beautiful, useful, and economically important of the temperate zone bamboos. We offer about 30 selections, ranging in mature height from 12 up to as much as 75. All produce edible shoots and useful wood (although the quantity and quality of each varies considerably from species to species). Some kinds, such as black, yellowgroove, and greengroove bamboo feature showy culm coloration or other distinctive traits. Cold hardiness, which is an important consideration especially when selecting large bamboos for cold climates, also varies substantially among these selections.

We offer two selections, ranging from 25 to 30 in mature height. Cultivated primarily as ornamentals, although one selection yields good edible shoots.

Not sure where to start? Our bamboo selection guides offer useful information about height, cold hardiness, and other qualities about the bamboos we offer.

Bamboo guide sorted by cold hardiness
Bamboo guide sorted by maximum height

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