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The clump-forming bamboos are a very useful and popular group. Whereas the running bamboos may spread quite actively where conditions are favorable, the clump-forming bamboos develop a compact cluster of closely spaced culms which slowly increases in diameter (spreading in each direction at the rate of a few inches per year, typically ). The culms (canes) tend to arch outward and sometimes weep at the tips, giving the plants a graceful vase-like or fountain-like shape. Many of the clump-forming bamboos are considered to be among the most beautiful of bamboos. This group also includes some of the most cold-hardy bamboos in cultivation. The plants are very popular for use as specimens, hedges, and privacy screens, among other purposes.

Bambusa We offer one sub-tropical selection, very good as a container plant or for cultivation outdoors in warm climates.

Fargesia Includes all of the clump-forming bamboos which are hardy in cold climates. The mature height of these selections ranges from about 10 to 16, Some are among the most cold-hardy of bamboos, and all can serve as useful and beautiful elements in the landscape.

Not sure where to start? Our bamboo selection guides offer useful information about height, cold hardiness, and other qualities about the bamboos we offer.

Bamboo guide sorted by cold hardiness
Bamboo guide sorted by maximum height

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