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wild rice
golden alexanders

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(Gramineae - grass family)
Wild rice; water oats. Two or 3 species of tall, aquatic, annual or perennial grasses of N. America and Asia. The species below is cultivated as an ornamental, and is a valuable food plant for people and wildlife. Can't ship to CA.

Zizania aquatica - Jul 31 Zizania aquatica - Jul 31 Zizania aquatica - Aug 9 Zizania aquatica - Aug 10 Zizania aquatica - Aug 15
aquatica annual • ht 5-10' • zones 3-9

wild rice

native, edible, ornamental grass, wildlife, wet, sun
e and cent N Amer

A handsome, broad leaved grass. Especially attractive in late summer, when the ornate flowers clusters appear, and the seeds develop. The long, dark seeds are the wild rice of commerce. Easily cultivated in shallow water, to about 1-2' deep. We have seen them growing and bearing well in moist soil above water level, also. Will naturalize readily, where conditions are suitable. Both the seeds and plants are highly attractive to wildlife; protection from wildlife is advisable, at least until they are well established. Note: Before using wild rice (or other grains which you collect yourself) as food, consult a good edible wild plant book for instructions for recognizing ergot, a rare but toxic fungus which can contaminate grains. Available for shipment in late May and June. ONE UNIT = SIX PLANTS.

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