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bear grass, Adam's needle; needle palm, Adam's needle

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(Agavaceae - agave family)
About forty species in the warmer regions of N. America, typically with stiff, leathery, evergreen, sword-like leaves arranged in rosettes. Stemless or with woody trunks, sometimes reaching tree size. Flowers are usually white, bell-shaped, nodding, in large clusters on upright stalks. Cultivated chiefly as ornamentals, although some species are used as sources of fiber, cleaning agents, or food. Yuccas need good drainage and plenty of light, but are otherwise very tolerant and rugged.

Yucca filamentosa - Jul 31 Yucca filamentosa - Jul 31 Yucca filamentosa - Jul 31
filamentosa evgrn peren • 2-3'; fl stalk to 10-15' • zones 5-10

needle palm, Adam's needle

native, hedge - screen, dry - moist, sun - part shade
se US

Forms a dense clump of bold evergreen foliage. Leaves are broad and flat. The tall, upright stalk, adorned with masses of pendant white flowers, appears in summer. This species is often confused in the nursery trade with Yucca smalliana; often (perhaps usually) plants offered as Yucca filamentosa are actually Yucca smalliana. The true Yucca filamentosa, however, is a generally larger plant, and has a much taller flower stalk, sometimes as much as 15' tall.

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smalliana evgrn peren • ht 18"; fl stalk to 6' • zones 5-10

bear grass, Adam's needle

Yucca smalliana - Jul 10 Yucca smalliana - Jan 2

native, rock garden, dry - moist

Similar to the preceeding species, but both the foliage and the flower stalk are smaller in size. Foliage forms neat rosettes.

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