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barren strawberry; waldsteinia

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(Rosaceae - rose family)
A few species of herbs of the N Temperate Zone. Related, and somewhat similar in appearance, to strawberry plants, but with dry fruits. Cultivated as rock garden plants or ground covers. The following species have glossy, evergreen leaves and spread slowly, forming dense clumps. They bear bright yellow flowers in spring. They prefer acidic soil and are tolerant of partial shade, but grow well her in full sun if the moisture supply is adequate. Both are neat, evergreen, low-maintenance ground covers.

Waldsteinia fragarioides
fragarioides evgrn peren • ht 4-8" • zones 3-9

barren strawberry

Waldsteinia fragarioides - May 2 Waldsteinia fragarioides - May 2

native, ground cover, rock garden, sun - part shade
e and cent N Amer

A native species, it is among the best of the native ground covers.

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