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Genus: T

common tansy; golden buttons
water canna
New York fern; long beech fern; marsh fern; narrow beech fern; northern beech fern
feather moss
bear's breech
Wherry's foamflower; foamflower
hairy spiderwort
yellow trillium', 'yellow toadshade'
eastern gama grass

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(Saxifragaceae - saxifrage family)
Six species of perennial herbs, chiefly of wood-lands: 5 species in North America and 1 in Asia. The following species prefer moist soil and partial shade. Both do well here in full sun if the moisture supply is adequate.

Tiarella cordifolia
cordifolia evgrn peren • ht 6"; fl stalks to 12" • zones 3-9


Tiarella cordifolia - Apr 10 Tiarella cordifolia - Apr 10

native, ground cover, sun - shade
e N Amer

Maple-like leaves are evergreen or nearly so. Spreads moderately fast by runners, forming a solid cover. Bears masses of small flowers in feathery clusters on upright stems in spring. Among the best of the native plants for use as a ground cover.

cat # 4D9O
$8.95 each / 3-9, $8.50 ea / 10+, $7.95 ea

Tiarella wherryi - May 15 Tiarella wherryi - May 15 Tiarella wherryi - May 21 Tiarella wherryi
wherryi evgrn peren • ht 6"; fl stalks to 12" • zones 5-9

Wherry's foamflower

native, fragrant, ground cover, rock garden, sun - shade
se US

Resembles T. cordifolia in most respects but, lacking runners, it forms a dense clump rather than spreading. The clusters of small white, pinkish-tinged flowers, which appear on upright stalks over a period of weeks in late spring and early summer, are fragrant and exquisitely attractive. Like T. cordifolia, it makes an excellent ground cover, particularly for situations where a spreading tendency would be undesirable. Easily grown, adaptable, beautiful, fragrant - an excellent native plant.

cat # 4D9V
$9.95 each / 3+, $9.50 ea