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Genus: M

sweet bay magnolia
Canada mayflower
false aloe
large-flowered Barbara's button
American ostrich fern; ostrich fern
Meehan's mint; creeping mint
lemon balm
Corsican mint; applemint; horsemint; peppermint; spearmint
Bluebells; lungwort
Alleghany monkeyflower
silver grass; maiden grass; variegated eulalia; maiden grass
Oswego tea; bee balm; dotted mint; horsemint; wild bergamot
purple hairgrass
hardy banana

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(Musaceae - banana family)
Banana. About twenty-five species of tree-like herbs of Asia. Cultivated for their fruit, which is among the world's most important. Often cultivated also as ornamentals. It is best to situate banana plants where they will be sheltered from strong winds.

Musa basjoo - Aug 27 Musa basjoo - Sep 24 Musa basjoo
basjoo peren • ht 8-12' • zones 6 (with protection) - 10

hardy banana

sun - part shade
Ryukuyi Is.

A bold, striking perennial, with a "trunk" to about 8' tall and leaves to about 4' long. The mature leaves of this remarkably cold hardy species will tolerate temperatures into the 20's (degrees F ). The "trunk" will endure temperatures down to approximately 10 to 15° F. The root system of the plant has wintered successfully here at our zone 5-6 boundary location in a sheltered spot (near the foundation of a heated building) with little or no mulch. In a less protected location, with mulch, it has survived -19° F. May be grown as a container plant at first, and kept indoors for winter. Offsets which will be produced at the base of the plant as it grows larger can be separated and planted outdoors (alternatively, once small plants have been propagated they may be kept as container plants and the large plant can then be planted outdoors). The fruit is reputedly edible, but in cold climates the trunk would need to be protected, so it does not freeze back, in order to obtain the fruit. Cultivated as a fiber plant; strips peeled from the dried outer layer of the "trunk" make a handy source of tying material for work around the garden. Best in moist, rich soil, in as warm and sheltered a location as possible (both for winter protection and to give it an early start in spring). Heavy feeding during the growing season is helpful also. Has been known to grow 10' tall in one season, after freezing to the ground over winter, in a zone 6 location in Connecticut. Plants are grown in 6" pots.

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