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sweet bay magnolia
Canada mayflower
false aloe
large-flowered Barbara's button
American ostrich fern; ostrich fern
Meehan's mint; creeping mint
lemon balm
Corsican mint; applemint; horsemint; peppermint; spearmint
Bluebells; lungwort
Alleghany monkeyflower
silver grass; maiden grass; variegated eulalia; maiden grass
Oswego tea; bee balm; dotted mint; horsemint; wild bergamot
purple hairgrass
hardy banana

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(Polypodiaceae - polypody family)
Ostrich fern. Three species of large ferns of the n. temperate zone. Cultivated as ornamentals, or sometimes for the edible young leaves.

pensylvanica peren • ht 4-6' • zones 2-8

American ostrich fern

ferns, located south edge of stream

native, edible, hedge - screen, moist - wet, sun - shade
cool temp N Amer

One of the largest of the hardy ferns, it is also quite graceful in appearance. Spreads underground to form a colony. It is said that under ideal conditions (rich soil, plenty of moisture and probably some shade), ostrich ferns can grow to over head height, so that an adult can walk through a patch of them under the foliage, as in a grove of tree ferns. The young leaves (fiddleheads) are edible (and a delicacy, raw or cooked) as they begin to unfurl in spring. In some areas, the fiddleheads of this species are harvested commercially. Ostrich fern can be used effectively as a tall ground cover. Tolerant of wet soil and shade. Will grow very happily in full sun as long as the moisture supply is steady. We have been quite impressed with the ruggedness and adaptability which ostrich fern has shown in our plantings. It grows well here in full sun under ordinary conditions (although it does not grow as large as it would under more favorable circumstances) and has weathered severe drought conditions at least as well as some perennials which are considered drought tolerant.

cat # 0N1F
$8.95 each / 3+, $8.50 ea

struthiopteris 'Jumbo' peren • ht 4-7' • zones 2-6

ostrich fern

edible, native, hedge - screen, moist - wet, sun - shade
cool temperate Europe and Asia

Possibly the largest of the hardy ferns, this selection is exceptionally vigorous, growing to 7' tall with fronds as much a 9' long. Under favorable conditions (moist, rich soil and preferably a bit of shade), this selection can grow to over head height, so that an adult can walk through a grove of them under the foliage as if in a grove of tree ferns.

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