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Common Names: V

valerian, Greek
Polemonium reptans
variegated bamboo
Sasaella masamuneana albostriata
variegated medake
Pleioblastus simonii 'Variegatus'
Venus's flytrap
Dionaea muscipula
verbena, rose
Verbena canadensis
Veronica latifolia
vervain, blue
Verbena hastata
Vetiveria zizanioides
viburnum, maple-leaved
Viburnum acerifolium
viburnum, withe-rod
Viburnum cassinoides
violet, Appalachian
Viola appalachiensis
violet, bird's foot
Viola pedata
violet, Canada
Viola canadensis
violet, Labrador
Viola labradorica
violet, northern white
Viola pallens
violet, Sylvia Hart
Viola sp. 'Sylvia Hart'
Virginia bluebells
Mertensia virginica
Virginia creeper
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Virginia willow
Itea virginica 'Henry's Garnet'

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Catalog as of January 02, 2016


(Violaceae - violet family)
Violet. About 500 species of perennial or annual herbs and a few subshrubs, widely distributed in temperate regions. Many species are cultivated as ornamentals. The species listed here prefer a cool, moist location. They will grow in full sun, as long as the soil is moist.

appalachiensis peren • ht 4-6" • zones 3-8

Appalachian violet

Viola appalachiensis - May 20 Viola appalachiensis - May 20

native, ground cover, rock garden, sun - shade
PA to WV

This charming species bears violet-blue flowers with white centers in spring. Leaves are rounded and relatively small. Spreads by runners to form a dense mat. Has not produced seedlings in our plantings. Could be used as a ground cover for small areas.

cat # 3H2T
$8.95 each

canadensis peren • ht 8-12" • zones 3-7

Canada violet

Viola canadensis - May 2 Viola canadensis - May 9

native, fragrant, rock garden, sun - shade
North America

A neat, attractive species with upright, leafy stems. The fragrant flowers, which are white with lower petals marked with fine, dark lines, appear over a long period in spring. In the years it has been in our gardens, it has produced occasional seedlings, but has by no means been invasive.

cat # 3H3M
$8.95 each

labradorica peren • ht 3-6" • zones 3-7

Labrador violet

Viola labradorica - May 2

native, rock garden, sun - shade
northern North America

A distinctive species with purple foliage on trailing stems. The deep violet flowers appear in summer. Reseeds somewhat, but not excessively.

cat # 3H5A
$8.95 each / 3-9, $8.50 ea / 10+, $7.95 ea

pallens peren • ht 3-6" • zones 3-7

northern white violet

Viola pallens - May 2

native, fragrant, rock garden, sun - shade
eastern and central North America

The fragrant flowers, which appear in spring, are white with the lower petal purple-veined. Individual plants are small and delicate, but spread (slowly) by runners to form a dense mat. In our plantings it has been well-mannered, seldom producing seedlings.

cat # 3H5G
$8.95 each / 3+, $8.50 ea

pedata evergrn peren • ht 4-6" • zones 4-9

bird's foot violet

Viola pedata - May 2

native, rock garden, dry - moist, sun - shade
eastern and central North America, s Ontario

This lovely and distinctive violet is aptly named for its deeply cut, leathery, evergreen leaves. The showy, violet-blue flowers, which appear in June, are up to 1.5" across-unusually large relative to the size of the plant. Bird's foot violet typically grows in dry, sandy meadows and clearings, and is quite tolerant of dry sandy soil. Under cultivation, it will also prosper in more fertile soil, but does require a well drained, well aerated soil and prefers plenty of sun.

cat # 3H6C
$9.95 each / 3+, $9.50 ea

sp. 'Sylvia Hart' peren • ht 2" • zones 5-8

Sylvia Hart violet

Viola sp. 'Sylvia Hart' - Apr 10

rock garden, sun - shade

A tiny violet with dark green leaves conspicuously variegated with silver. Bears small purple flowers. Reseeds freely, but due to the plants' small size this is not likely to be a problem in most situations.

cat # 3H8T
$8.95 each