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Common Names: V

valerian, Greek
Polemonium reptans
variegated bamboo
Sasaella masamuneana albostriata
variegated medake
Pleioblastus simonii 'Variegatus'
Venus's flytrap
Dionaea muscipula
verbena, rose
Verbena canadensis
Veronica latifolia
vervain, blue
Verbena hastata
Vetiveria zizanioides
viburnum, maple-leaved
Viburnum acerifolium
viburnum, withe-rod
Viburnum cassinoides
violet, Appalachian
Viola appalachiensis
violet, bird's foot
Viola pedata
violet, Canada
Viola canadensis
violet, Labrador
Viola labradorica
violet, northern white
Viola pallens
violet, Sylvia Hart
Viola sp. 'Sylvia Hart'
Virginia bluebells
Mertensia virginica
Virginia creeper
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Virginia willow
Itea virginica 'Henry's Garnet'

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(Scrophulariaceae - snapdragon family)
About 250 species of annual or perennial herbs of the north temperate zone. Many species are cultivated as ornamentals. Species of Veronica are used as food plants by larvae of some species of Lepidoptera. Linnaeus named this genus in 1753. "Veronica" is for St. Veronica, who supposedly gave a small cloth to Jesus to wipe his face. Marks on some species of Veronica were compared to marks on Veronica's cloth.

incana peren • ht 1½' • zones 4-9

(trailing veronica)

Veronica incana - Jun 27 Veronica incana - Jun 28

rock garden, sun
n Asia; Russia

The white-hairy foliage resembles that of the common garden sage in appearance. Foliage is mostly 8" or less in height. The small, deep blue flowers appear in clusters on upright stems in the summer.

cat # 6I9L
$8.95 each

latifolia peren • ht 2' • zones 4-9


rock garden, sun - part shade

The small, deep blue flowers appear in clusters on upright stems in the summer. Develops into a small, dense clump.

cat # 6I9M
$8.95 each

prostrata evgrn peren • ht 8" • zones 4-9

(creeping veronica)

Veronica prostrata - May 31 Veronica prostrata - May 31

rock garden, sun

A mat-forming creeper. Bears pretty, deep blue flowers in the late spring. Tends to look ragged by late summer.

cat # 6I9U
$8.95 each

repens evgrn peren • ht 1" • zones 5-10

(creeping veronica)

Veronica repens - May 9

rock garden, sun
Corsica, Spain

A delicate, mat-forming creeper with very small, rounded, glossy, evergreen leaves. Flowers are small, white and blue. A good rock garden plant.

cat # 6I9V
$8.95 each / 3+, $8.50 ea

serpyllifolia peren • 3"; fl stalks to 12" • zones 5-9

thyme-leaved speedwell

new, rock garden, sun
Corsica, Spain

Small, creeping groundcover which has naturalized in the U.S. Tiny blue and white flowers bloom from April to October. Flowers pale blue or white in leafy, stalked spikes, with purple veins on the petals. Reddish stems grow prostrate in the spring, becoming a dense groundcover by mid-spring.; Flowers from April to October. Grows in a variety of conditions, dry to wet, sun to shade. Common on bare ground, gravel and can also be found in mountain scree. Considered invasive in MD and TN.

cat # 6I9Y
$8.95 each / 3+, $8.50 ea