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Common Names: K

Kerria japonica
kerria, double-flowered
Kerria japonica pleniflora
Vetiveria zizanioides
Vetiveria zizanioides
Pleioblastus chino murakamiansis
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
kiwi fruit, hardy
Actinidia arguta
kiwi fruit, hardy
Actinidia arguta cordifolia
kiwi fruit, hardy
Actinidia callosa
kiwi fruit, hardy
Actinidia kolomikta
knotweed, dwarf Japanese
Polygonum cuspidatum compactum
kolomikta vine
Actinidia kolomikta
Sasa veitchii
Phyllostachys nigra

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Catalog as of January 02, 2016


(Gramineae - grass family)
Bamboo. More than 150 species of evergreen, woody-stemmed grasses of temperate eastern Asia, especially Japan. Sasas are mostly small, fast-spreading species, often with relatively large, broad, ribbed leaves and arching culms.

kurilensis max ht 10' • max culm dia ¾" • min temp 0°F

nemagari-dake; chishima-zasa

edible, screen, part shade - sun
eastern Asia

One of the tallest of the Sasa species. Leaves may be up to 2" wide by 12" long. Grows wild farther north than any other bamboo, occurring naturally as far as 50° north latitude on Sakhalin Island. It is said that the edible shoots of this species are so popular in Japan that a license is required to collect them. Prefers partial shade, at least in warm climates. This species may do best in cool climates with moderate winters - apparently it does not reach its full potential size in warm areas.

up to 1' tall, cat # 8S7A1 $23.95 each.
1'-2' tall, cat # 8S7A2 $34.95 each.

oshidensis max ht 6' • max culm dia ¼" • min temp 0°F


ground cover, part shade - sun
e Asia

A vigorous and adaptable dwarf bamboo with relatively large, dark green leaves. Its rate of spread in our planting has been moderate.

cat # 8S7G
$18.95 each

palmata max ht 7' • max culm dia ½" • min temp -5°F


Sasa palmata - Dec 13

screen, part shade - sun

An aggressive spreader with large, leathery leaves up to 15" long by 2" wide. Prefers partial shade.

up to 1' tall, cat # 8S7J1 $17.95 each.
1'-2' tall, cat # 8S7J2 $28.95 each.

Sasa senanensis - Jul 10 Sasa senanensis - Jul 10 Sasa senanensis - Aug 30 Sasa senanensis - Aug 30 Sasa senanensis - Aug 30
senanensis max ht 7' • max culm dia ½" • min temp -8°F


screen, part shade - sun

A handsome species with large, leathery leaves. Resembles Sasa palmata, but more cold hardy. Rugged and shade tolerant, but has been difficult to grow in containers.

up to 1' tall, cat # 8S7L1 $24.95 each.
1'-2' tall, cat # 8S7L2 $35.95 each.

tsuboiana max ht 9' • max culm dia ¼" • min temp -8°F


container, part shade

A vigorous species with large, attractive, dark green leaves. Leaves are less strongly ribbed than those of other Sasas. Grows quite well in containers, unlike most Sasas.

up to 1' tall, cat # 8S7M1 $17.95 each.
1'-2' tall, cat # 8S7M2 $28.95 each.

veitchii max ht 5' • max culm dia 1/3" • min temp 0°F


ground cover, part shade - sun

Bears large (to 8" long and 2.5" wide), handsome, dark green leaves. In winter the leaves develop conspicuous white margins, giving the plant a striking and distinctive appearance. Very popular as a garden subject both in its native Japan and here in the U.S. A vigorous spreader, Sasa veitchii makes a good groundcover.

cat # 8S7T
$19.95 each