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Common Names: T

Pleioblastus gramineus
tara vine
Actinidia arguta
Itea virginica 'Henry's Garnet'
Gaultheria procumbens
thread-leaf blue star
Amsonia hubrectii
three-square bulrush; chair-maker's bulrush
Scirpus americanus
three-toothed cinquefoil
Potentilla tridentata
thyme-leaved speedwell
Veronica serpyllifolia
tickseed, lobed
Coreopsis auriculata 'Nana'
tickseed, rose
Coreopsis rosea
tickseed, whorled
Coreopsis verticillata
tickseed; !coreopsis,
Coreopsis grandiflora
trailing arbutus
Epigaea repens
trailing sedum
Sedum sarmentosum
trailing veronica
Veronica incana
tree moss, umbrella moss
Climacium americanum
trumpet creeper
Campsis radicans
trumpet honeysuckle
Lonicera sempervirens 'Prolifica'
trumpet vine
Campsis radicans
Peltandra virginica
Andropogon gerardii
Chelone glabra
turtlehead, Lyon's
Chelone lyonii
turtlehead, red
Chelone obliqua
Linnaea borealis

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(Caprifoliaceae - twinflower family)
Creeping evergreen ground cover quietly robust in moist woods. A single, circumboreal species that Carolus Linnaeus, the father of modern botany, was inspired to choose as namesake.

borealis peren • ht 3" • zones 2-6


native, ('moderately dry', 'moist', 'ground cover'), shade to sun
in North America south to northern US

This sweet trailer has many fond admirers. Two rain-drop flowers, white-tinged with pink, rise from a thick mat of shiny, ground-hugging foliage to exude a pleasant almond aroma. Twinflower creeps politely around neighboring plants and is companion to old logs.

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