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Common Names: L

Labrador tea
Ledum groenlandicum
lao zhu
Phyllostachys arcana
large-flowered comfrey
Symphytum grandiflorum
lavender, common
Lavandula angustifolia
lavender, English
Lavandula angustifolia
Chamaedaphne calyculata
leek, wild
Allium tricoccum
lemon balm
Melissa officinalis
lily, Turk's-cap
Lilium superbum
Convallaria majalis
lizard's tail
Saururus cernuus
lobelia, great blue
Lobelia siphilitica
loosestrife, water
Decodon verticillatus
lyre-leafed sage
Salvia lyrata

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(Labiatae - mint family)
Lavender. About 20 species of aromatic shrubs or herbs of the Mediterranean region to ne Africa and sw Asia. Cultivated as ornamentals and for their fragrant oil

angustifolia evgrn shr • ht 1-3' • zones 5-9

English lavender; common lavender

Lavandula angustifolia - Jul 2 Lavandula angustifolia - Jul 2

fragrant, dry - moist, rock garden, sun
Medit. region

A small evergreen shrub with very fragrant, white-wooly, conifer-like leaves. Bears clusters of small, deep blue flowers in summer. Interestingly, the fragrance of lavender has now been demonstrated to promote sleep (only recently proven scientifically, although lavender has a long history of use as an ingredient in pillows to promote sleep). May freeze back in winter when cold is severe but will then behave as a perennial. Best in a sunny, well-drained location.

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