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Common Names: M

Phyllostachys bambusoides
magnolia, sweet bay
Magnolia virginiana
Makino bamboo; kei-chiku; gui zhu
Phyllostachys makinoi
Origanum vulgare
marsh marigold; cowslip
Caltha palustris
Mayapple; wild lemon
Podophyllum peltatum
Epigaea repens
mayflower, Canada
Maianthemum canadense
Passiflora incarnata
Spiraea latifolia
Meehan's mint; creeping mint
Meehania cordata
Pseudosasa japonica
milkweed, swamp
Asclepias incarnata
miniature !bamboo,
Pseudosasa owatarii pygmaea
mint, dotted
Monarda punctata
mist flower
Eupatorium coelestinum
mock orange
Philadelphus coronarius
Atrichum undulatum
Callicladium haldanianum
moss, common haircap
Polytrichum commune
moss, flowering
Phlox subulata
moss, reindeer
Cladonia species
Thymus serpyllum
mountain laurel; calico bush
Kalmia latifolia
mountain lover
Paxistima canbyi
mountain mint, hyssop-leaved
Pycnanthemum hyssopifolium
mountain-mint, hoary
Pycnanthemum incanum
mountain-mint, short-toothed
Pycnanthemum muticum
mulberry hybrids, white x red
Morus alba x rubra

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Catalog as of January 02, 2016


(Ericaceae - heath family)
About 6 species of mostly evergreen shrubs of North America and Cuba. They require a sandy or peaty, acidic soil, but are otherwise quite tolerant

Kalmia latifolia - May 29 Kalmia latifolia - Jun 11 Kalmia latifolia - Jun 11 Kalmia latifolia - Jun 11
latifolia evgrn shr • ht 4-10' • zones 4-9

mountain laurel; calico bush

native, hedge - screen, sun - shade
e US

Rounded evergreen shrub. Bears showy clusters of 3/4" diameter white or pinkish flowers in the late spring. An outstandingly beautiful shrub when in flower, and also pleasing at other seasons with its glossy evergreen foliage and picturesque form. Slow growing and very long lived, but begins blossoming when quite small. Requires an acidic, sandy or loamy soil. Mountain laurel will grow well in full sun or partial shade. Mulching is very beneficial for the plant.

cat # 3R9H
$17.95 each

Kalmia angustifolia - May 31 Kalmia angustifolia - Jun 12 Kalmia angustifolia
angustifolia evgrn shr • ht 1-2' • zones 2-8

sheep laurel

native, ground cover, rock garden, dry - wet, sun - shade
e N America

A pretty little shrub with slender, upright stems and narrow, evergreen leaves. Clusters of small, intricately formed pink flowers appear in late spring or early summer. Spreads slowly to form a colony. Tolerant of partial shade and sterile, wet or dry (sandy) soil. Useful as a ground cover or in meadow plantings. Will probably compete most successfully with other plants where the soil is not too rich.

cat # 3R9B
$14.95 each