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Common Names: R

Allium tricoccum
raspberry, purple flowering
Rubus odoratus
Ludwigia alternifolia
reed, giant
Arundo donax
reed, Italian
Arundo donax
reed, variegated giant
Arundo donax versicolor
rhododendron; great !laurel, rosebay
Rhododendron maximum
robin's plantain
Erigeron pulchellus
rock geranium
Heuchera americana
rose, Virginia
Rosa virginiana
running strawberry bush
Euonymus obovata
rush, dwarf scouring
Equisetum scirpoides
rush, giant scouring
Equisetum hyemale robustum
rush, Japanese-mat
Juncus effusus
rush, soft
Juncus effusus

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(Juncaceae - rush family)
Rush. About 240 species of grass-like herbs. Found mostly in temperate regions, typically occurring on moist or wet soil.

effusus evgrn peren • ht 2-3' • zones 2-10

soft rush; Japanese-mat rush

Juncus effusus - Sep 4

native, moist - wet
N Amer, Eurasia, Aust, NZ, Afr

This common plant of wetlands is leafless, with round, hollow, green stems. Somewhat similar, in overall appearance, to a large, evergreen chives plant with stiff, slender leaves. The stems are used in Japan to weave tatami, the traditional floor covering of Japanese homes. For moist to wet soil, or shallow water

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