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Common Names: I

ice plant, hardy
Delosperma cooperi
ice plant, hardy
Delosperma nubigenum
Indian physic
Gillenia trifoliata
Indian pink
Spigelia marilandica
Indian potato
Apios americana
iris, crested dwarf
Iris cristata
iris, dwarf
Iris verna
iris, Siberian
Iris siberica
iris, violet
Iris verna
iris, white-flowered crested dwarf
Iris cristata 'Alba'

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(Rosaceae - rose family)
Two species of upright perennial herbs of N. America. Cultivated as ornamentals and have been used medicinally.

Gillenia trifoliata - Jun 12 Gillenia trifoliata - Jun 21 Gillenia trifoliata - Jun 21
trifoliata peren • ht 2-3' • zones 4-8

bowman's root; Indian physic

native, part shade - sun
e US, s Ontario

Upright, branching stems with sharply toothed, compound leaves. Clusters of white or pinkish flowers about 1" across top the plants in late spring and early summer. Attractive and easily grown. Prefers a bit of shade, at least in warm climates.

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