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Common Names: A

actinidia, bower
Actinidia arguta
ageratum, hardy
Eupatorium coelestinum
Ajuga reptans
akebia, five-leaved
Akebia quinata
Alleghany monkeyflower
Mimulus ringens
amsonia, willow
Amsonia tabernaemontana
anemone, Canada
Anemone canadensis
anise hyssop
Agastache foeniculum
Mentha suaveolens
apricot vine
Passiflora incarnata
Arkansas blue-star
Amsonia hubrectii
Peltandra virginica
arrow-wood, northern
Viburnum dentatum
artichoke, Chinese
Stachys affinis
artichoke, Japanese
Stachys affinis
Asian flowering dogwood
Cornus kousa
aster, blue wood
Aster cordifolius
aster, calico
Aster lateriflorus
aster, climbing
Aster carolinianus
aster, New England
Aster novae-angliae
aster, pink-flowered New England
Aster novae-angliae 'Roseus'
aster, showy
Aster spectabilis
aster, smooth
Aster laevis
aster, white wood
Aster divaricatus
azalea, white swamp
Rhododendron viscosum

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Catalog as of January 02, 2016


(Compositae - daisy family)
About 500 species of mostly tropical herbs and shrubs. The species listed here prefer moist, rich soil and will tolerate wet soil.

coelestinum peren • ht 3' • zones 5-10

mist flower; hardy ageratum

Eupatorium coelestinum - Sep 20 Eupatorium coelestinum - Sep 25

native, sun
e N Amer

A fine, late blooming wildflower. Very attractive, with a haze of sky-blue flowers and interesting crinkled foliage. Good for naturalistic landscaping in meadows and open areas. Care should be taken if it is used in small gardens, as it is an aggressive spreader.

cat # 6S4C
$8.95 each

Eupatorium perfoliatum - Aug 13 Eupatorium perfoliatum - Aug 13 Eupatorium perfoliatum - Sep 20 Eupatorium perfoliatum
perfoliatum peren • ht 4-5' • zones 3-10


native, moist - wet, sun
e and cent N Amer

An upright plant with unusual foliage. Clusters of white flowers appear in mid- to late summer. Has been used medicinally.

cat # 6S4R
$8.95 each

Eupatorium purpureum - Jul 24 Eupatorium purpureum - Jul 24 Eupatorium purpureum - Jul 31 Eupatorium purpureum - Aug 6 Eupatorium purpureum - Aug 10 Eupatorium purpureum
purpureum peren • ht 10' • zones 2-8


native, hedge - screen, moist - wet, sun
n N Amer

Leaves are long, narrow, rough-textured, in whorls on the upright stems. The large terminal clusters of raspberry-purple flowers appear in late summer. A showy plant; few perennials can compare with Joe-Pye-weed's ability to create an impressive presence in the landscape. .

cat # 6S4N
$8.95 each