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Common Names: R

Allium tricoccum
raspberry, purple flowering
Rubus odoratus
Ludwigia alternifolia
reed, giant
Arundo donax
reed, Italian
Arundo donax
reed, variegated giant
Arundo donax versicolor
rhododendron; great !laurel, rosebay
Rhododendron maximum
robin's plantain
Erigeron pulchellus
rock geranium
Heuchera americana
rose, Virginia
Rosa virginiana
running strawberry bush
Euonymus obovata
rush, dwarf scouring
Equisetum scirpoides
rush, giant scouring
Equisetum hyemale robustum
rush, Japanese-mat
Juncus effusus
rush, soft
Juncus effusus

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(Celastraceae - staff tree family)
Spindletree. About 170 species of deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs, or occasionally creeping or climbing by rootlets. Native mostly to Asia, many of the species are cold hardy. Many of the species are cultivated as ornamentals. Of rugged constitution, they are tolerant of shade, salt, and dry, shallow, alkaline soil. The wood, which is of a light yellow hue, strong, compact and easily worked, has been used for many purposes. The common name "spindletree" is derived from the European use of the wood to make spindles for spinning thread. An excellent artist's charcoal, favored for its smoothness and the ease with which it can be erased, is made from the young shoots.

obovata decid subshrub • ht 6-12" • zones 3-7

running strawberry bush

native, ground cover, sun - part shade, dry - moist
e N Amer

A native, trailing sub-shrub with thick, dark green leaves. The trailing stems root where they contact the soil; the plant spreads, in this manner, to form a dense, low-maintenance ground cover. The small, waxy, cream-colored spring flowers develop into pretty red-purple, rough-textured capsules in summer which resemble round strawberries. The capsules break open in the fall to reveal showy scarlet fruits that are eaten by birds. Adaptable and drought tolerant, running strawberry bush is a fine but little-known native ground cover that merits much more attention. Useful especially on slopes or in other situations where a good-looking, low-maintenance ground cover is desired.

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