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Common Names: F

false aloe
Manfreda virginica
feather moss
Thuidium delicatulum
fern, American ostrich
Matteuccia pensylvanica
fern, berry
Cystopteris bulbifera
fern, boulder
Dennstaedtia punctilobula
fern, brittle
Cystopteris fragilis
fern, bulbet bladder
Cystopteris bulbifera
fern, Christmas
Polystichum acrostichoides
fern, cinnamon
Osmunda cinnamomea
fern, evergreen wood
Dryopteris spinulosa
fern, fragile
Cystopteris fragilis
fern, hay-scented
Dennstaedtia punctilobula
fern, interrupted
Osmunda claytoniana
fern, lady
Athyrium felix-femina
fern, long beech
Thelypteris phegopteris
fern, marsh
Thelypteris palustris
fern, narrow beech
Thelypteris phegopteris
fern, New York
Thelypteris noveboracensis
fern, northern beech
Thelypteris phegopteris
fern, northern maidenhair
Adiantum pedatum
fern, oak
Gymnocarpium dryopteris
fern, royal
Osmunda regalis
fern, sensitive
Onoclea sensibilis
fern, walking
Camptosorus rhizophyllus
fern; Hartford !fern, climbing
Lygodium palmatum
fescue, blue
Festuca ovina glauca
Epilobium angustifolium
fishpole bamboo
Phyllostachys aurea albovariegata
fishpole bamboo
Phyllostachys aurea flavescens inversa
flag, blue
Iris versicolor
flowering dogwood
Cornus florida
Tiarella cordifolia
foamflower, Wherry's
Tiarella wherryi
fountain bamboo
Fargesia nitida
fountain bamboo
Fargesia nitida 'De Belder'
fountain bamboo
Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou'
fountain bamboo
Fargesia nitida 'McClure'
fringed loosestrife
Lysimachia ciliata
Chionanthus virginicus
Petasites japonicus

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Catalog as of January 02, 2016


(Dryopteridaceae - dryopteris family)
About 18 species of delicate ferns occurring mostly in the north temperate zone in rocky situations. Some species are cultivated as ornamentals.

bulbifera peren • ht 18-36" • zones 3-8

bulbet bladder fern; berry fern

native, rock garden, shade
Newfoundland to GA and AZ

Suitable for rock gardens, the bulbet fern is among the earliest risers in the spring and is at home in wet, well-drained environments such as limestone crevices and other rocky outcroppings. Knotted, green, pea-sized bulbets develop on the frond underside then drop off to promptly become the next generation. Reproduction occurs additionally by sori. An uncommon, diminutive creeping native.

cat # 0M4C
$8.95 each

Cystopteris fragilis - Sep 4 Cystopteris fragilis - Sep 4 Cystopteris fragilis - Jun 6
fragilis peren • ht 10" • zones 3-10

fragile fern; brittle fern

native, rock garden, shade
n temp zone, s to Chile

A finely cut, bright green fern, pleasing in appearance. Often grows in shaded crevices among rocks and ledges. Despite its name, it is quite rugged and adaptable. Will grow in crevices subject to droughts, the foliage disappearing when the moisture supply dries up. Foliage will reappear the same season if moisture returns in time. Grows well in ordinary moist soil in partial shade.

cat # 0M4N
$8.95 each