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Common Names: R

Allium tricoccum
raspberry, purple flowering
Rubus odoratus
Ludwigia alternifolia
reed, giant
Arundo donax
reed, Italian
Arundo donax
reed, variegated giant
Arundo donax versicolor
rhododendron; great !laurel, rosebay
Rhododendron maximum
robin's plantain
Erigeron pulchellus
rock geranium
Heuchera americana
rose, Virginia
Rosa virginiana
running strawberry bush
Euonymus obovata
rush, dwarf scouring
Equisetum scirpoides
rush, giant scouring
Equisetum hyemale robustum
rush, Japanese-mat
Juncus effusus
rush, soft
Juncus effusus

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Catalog as of January 02, 2016


(Gramineae - grass family)
A few species of tall, showy, perennial reeds. Can't ship to CA.

Arundo donax - Aug 27 Arundo donax - Aug 27 Arundo donax - Aug 27 Arundo donax - Jul 10 Arundo donax
donax peren • ht 20' • zones 5-10

giant reed; Italian reed; cana brava

ornamental grass, hedge - screen, moist - wet, sun
Mediterranean region

With its stout, upright stems and large leaves, this very vigorous perennial grass resembles large corn stalks. This species is the source of the reeds used in musical instruments. The semi-woody stems are also used for a variety of other purposes in its native region. This is also often the plant referred to when "reeds" are mentioned in the Bible. Forms large, dense clumps but spreads slowly (here, at least; but see note below). Leaves are 1-2' long, about 2" wide. Flower cluster to 2' long, very showy, but produced only in areas with a long growing season. Likes moisture; will grow well in or near water. Should be given a mulch for winter protection in zones 5 and 6, at least until well-established.

Note: In northern areas (such as our location), Arundo donax makes a striking specimen but is not inclined to become invasive. In warmer climates, and especially in the southwestern states, it can apparently be quite invasive. In such areas the plant should be used cautiously, if at all.

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donax versicolor peren • ht 8' • zones 6-10

variegated giant reed

ornamental grass, hedge - screen, moist - wet, sun

Similar to the species, above, but new foliage is sharply variegated with white stripes. Smaller than the species, growing only to about 8', and has not been quite as winter hardy here. Mulch well for winter in cold areas.

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