Phyllostachys stimulosa – Stimulosa Bamboo


(Poaceae – Grass Family)

We can only ship Bamboo plants up to 5-7′ tall. If we receive an order for taller sizes without an e-mail about pickup or delivery, we will ship 5-7′ tall plants and issue a refund for the difference.

Bamboo goes through a shooting phase from Spring to Mid-Summer. Orders received after May 1st may not be able to ship until Mid-July. Please note that some years bamboo incurs winter injury from extreme cold and will only be available in July after the new growth hardens.

Max ht 25′ • Max Culm Dia 1½” • Min Temp -5°F, Possibly Colder

Native to Zehjiang Provence, China

Ships in active growth, B&B