Phyllostachys nigra – Black Bamboo


NOTE: As of 2023 this species has begun to flower. Phyllostachys Bamboo only flowers once every 100 years, then dies after flowering. We will be glad to offer substitutions from another Phyllostachys species in the event any Black Bamboo purchased from us after Jan 1, 2023 dies off. Please email us and include your order number for further details.

(Poaceae – Grass Family)

We can only ship Bamboo plants up to 5-7′ tall. If we receive an order for taller sizes without an e-mail about pickup or delivery, we will ship 5-7′ tall plants and issue a refund for the difference.

Bamboo goes through a shooting phase from Spring to Mid-Summer. Orders received after May 1st will not be able to ship until Mid-July.

Max Ht 30′ • Max Culm Dia 2″ • Min Temp 0°F

Native to Hunan Province of China

Ships B&B in active growth