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Bamboo – various species


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Fresh Evergreen bundles (single species)


Sustainably harvested, freshly collected to order, many native or introduced species planted and growing at Tripple Brook farm.

Bundles contain one species, and contain at least 10 stems.

Please choose your selection using drop down menus. You’re welcome to add any notes on your order, such as desired delivery date, and additional information regarding the boughs you wish to receive (such as length or other specifications / requests).

Small: 10 branches/’tips’, appx. 8-12″
Large: 12 branches, 16-20″

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Fresh, sustainable, Evergreen bundles: Korean Pine, American holly, Western red cedar, Juniper, Balsam, for DIY simple crafting / decorations, centerpieces, 🎁 gift tags, gift card accents, pots


  • Local and sustainably harvested greens, offerings include Spruce, White pine, Western red cedar, Eastern red cedar, American holly, as well as Eastern hemlock, boxwood and/or rhododendron upon request.

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Sustainably foraged, fresh, local, holiday Swag


Take home a little artistic piece of Tripple Brook Farm to your family. Features local greenery, and berries all sustainably collected and made fresh.

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20″ Natural, Fresh, Sustainably harvested Western Red Cedar and evergreen Wreath with holly and Winterberry holly berries


Local, fresh, Tripple Brook Farm greenery, and berries entwined to bring color and contrast to your home

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Heterotheca villosa (prairie aster, hairy golden-aster)


(Asteraceae – Aster Family)

perennial • 2-3′ • USDA zones 3-8

Native to North America and Mexico

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Hibiscus moscheutos (swamp rose mallow, crimsoneyed rose mallow, hardy hibiscus)


(Malvaceae – mallow family)
perennial • 3-7′ tall, 2-4′ spread • USDA zones 5-9
Native Range: Southern and eastern North America
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Solidago orora (sweet goldenrod, anise-scented goldenrod)


(Asteraceae – aster family)

perennial • 2-4′ • USDA zones 4-10

Native to Eastern United States

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