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Gift Certificates


Give the gift of living plants to cheer family and friends all year long! Tripple Brook Farm Gift Certificates are available in standard denominations from $25 to $150 (listed below)

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Complete Professional Set of TBF Tree Digging Equipment


Includes Root Cutter, Tree Lifter, and four Grappling Forks – Save $85.00 over cost of separate components!

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TBF Root Ball Grappling Forks


Provide a simple, effective way to secure the root ball so that it can be lifted. Set of four Grappling Forks.

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TBF Tree Lifter


A sturdy, easily handled unit that provides a powerful mechanical advantage to lift heavy root balls.

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TBF Root Cutter


Transplanting trees or shrubs?  Let the TBF Root Cutter make your work faster and easier.  The unique design of this remarkable tool allows you to completely cut and shape root balls up to 48” in diameter quickly and efficiently.  The patented TBF Root Cutter is a proven transplanting tool that is gentle on the stock being transplanted, while allowing you to cut even roots at the bottom center of the root ball where other tools simply can’t reach.  Once you have cut the root ball fully, you can lift it readily without having to tear roots.
The durable welded construction of the TBF Root Cutter helps to ensure that you will experience dependable, professional results.  Works superbly in combination with a good nursery spade, enabling you to consistently cut root balls neatly and cleanly in almost any location.
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Rubromarginata Bamboo (phyllostachys rubromarginata)


(Gramineae – grass family)

large, productive, fast growing, good quality wood and very good edible shoots

max ht 60′ • max culm dia 3” • min temp -8°F
Native to China
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Meyer bamboo (phyllostachys meyeri)

(Gramineae – grass family)

Meyer bamboo: very high quality wood, excellent edible shoots

max ht 33′ • max culm dia 2” • min temp 0°
Native to Central China


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Pickerel Weed (pontederia cordata)


(Pontederiaceae – pickerel weed family)

Perennial • Ht 2-4′ • Zones 4-10

Native to Eastern and Central North America

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