We are a third generation family farm in rural Southampton, MA. In 1983, Tripple Brook Farm became a small native plants nursery, we have evolved into a permaculture and food forest farm offering a wide selection of plants; our website is a small sample of the plants we offer. You are welcome to contact us at: info@tripplebrookfarm.com if you are looking for anything not listed on our site. Stephen Breyer, the founder, has propagated many native, edible, medicinal and otherwise useful and attractive plants on the 90-acres of land and forest since its inception. We continue to diversity our selection of rare native plants, and other interesting perennials, trees, groundcovers and shrubs. There are many long standing groves of cold-hardy bamboos on the farm, as well as clumping bamboos. Beautiful groundcovers blanket areas of the land, demonstrating their usefulness to keep out unwanted plants. Many medicinal, pollinating or otherwise useful and attractive perennials are scattered in habitats where they thrive thoughout the land. We aim to educate the community, locally and afar, with the sustainable resources of long-lived edible and useful plants. You are welcome to browse our offerings, as well as inquire on how to grow and manage your own permaculture garden successfully. Our small team is dedicated to providing knowledge, as well as healthy plants; your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are a landscaper, inquire about our trade discounts. We also offer educational discounts. We have donated many plants to various causes over the years. We welcome visitors of all walks of life to tour the farm, fall tours include sampling hardy kiwi, and persimmon. For many years we have offered plant trade to volunteers looking to experience the farm and learn more about permaculture and the plants we offer and propagate.