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Tripple Brook Farm


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The patented Tripple Brook Farm Tree Digging System is a remarkably simple and effective new approach to tree digging. The Tripple Brook Farm Digging System was designed to take the place of a tree spade for use under difficult digging conditions at Tripple Brook Farm, and has proven its value in years of testing.  Much less costly than tree spades and the heavy equipment needed to operate them, yet the TBF Tree Digging System can outperform tree spades.p2_root ball diagram.gif (16253 bytes)

We sincerely believe that for most people who transplant trees and shrubs the TBF Tree Digging System is by far the best and most cost effective option available. p2_lifter&tree.gif (23097 bytes)

The TBF Root Cutter is designed to reach under the root ball, where a nursery spade can’t reach, to cut roots and shape the lower surface of the root ball. The Root Cutter leaves the root ball neatly cut and shaped, and ready to lift.  Cuts right to the bottom center of root balls up to 48" in diameter.

The TBF Root Ball Grappling Forks serve as a simple, effective way to secure the root ball for lifting. The TBF Tree Lifter provides a powerful mechanical advantage for lifting root balls too heavy to lift with a spade.  Can lift trees or shrubs with root ball up to 48" in diameter, weighing 1500 pounds or more.


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